A new type of dessert will soon be available in American restaurants. Action Spot, a San Jose startup studio serving as a base for a dozen Silicon Valley IT startups, recently presented a special kind of yogurt spiked with tequila.

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Its creator, chemist Andrey Bordunov, claims his adult dessert is perfect for casinos, resorts and other entertainment venues.

According to the inventor of this unique technology, it can be used to make yogurt based on brandy, beer or vodka. The Action Spot presentation featured strawberry yogurt mixed with a special tequila-soaked base. The alcohol content in the product can be varied from 2 to 7%.

Bordunov, who spent about 10 years perfecting his technology, is currently seeking patents for his invention, and looking for wholesale distributors in the US. A name for the new dessert has not yet been determined.