Intercontinental Startup Battle, Silicon Valley (November 15, 2017), sponsored by Startup.Network – a Place Where You Can Find Rough Diamonds to Invest In.

10 of the most promising startups from East European countries are going to compete for the attention of the Managing Partners of VC funds and private investors.

They are future “unicorns” on the stage of ready product or prototype, which has passed through a competitive casting.

“Why Eastern Europe? – It is an untapped well of ideas and talent, and we’re sure there are lots of unicorns yet to be discovered.” – says Alexander Soroka – CEO & Founder, Startup.Network.

The list of Judges:

– Alexander Soroka – CEO & Founder, Startup.Network;
– Alireza Masrour – Managing Partner, Plug & Play Ventures;
– Marvin Liao – Partner, 500 Startups;
– Julian Zegelman – Managing Partner, Velton Zegelman PC, and Limited Partner, Venture Development Partners;
– Igor Shoifot – Partner, TMT Investments venture fund, San Francisco;
– Vasily Nikolaev – Partner, Quantum Wave Fund;
– Daniel Stolyarov – Investment Director, AlmazCapital;
– Michael Minkevich – Managing Partner, GTSaaS;
– Ivy Nguyen – Investor, Zetta Venture Partners;
– Anna Degtereva – CEO&Founder, Happy Farm business accelerator;
– Artem Burachenok – Partner, Flint Capital;
– Vitaly M. Golomb – Partner, HP Tech Ventures;
– Stas Khirman- Managing Partner, TEC Ventures;
– Mitchell Weinstock – Investments and Partnerships, HP Tech Ventures HP, Inc.
– Roman Sobachevsky – Managin partner, Global Venture Alliance;
– Sergey Patsko – Co-founded, PV Seed Fund I;
– Christina Trampota – Managing Partner, CGM Squared;
– Leonard Grayver – Partner в Greenberg, Whitcombe, Takeuchi, Gibson & Grayver, LLP.

This will be the second event in Silicon Valley for Startup Network, and the 100th event in the company’s history.

The Intercontinental Startup Battle, Silicon Valley will be held in two stages:

7:00 – 8:00 pm.: Panel discussion.

During this section the true sharks of the investment business and the so called old-timers of the market, will share their experience with their youngster peers. They’ll speak about the latest trends, share their own experiences and knowledge, answer questions and advise the participants on the further development of projects.

8:00 – 8:15 pm: “Be Aware of Minutes”.

08:15 pm – 09:30 pm: Startups presentations.

The second stage is devoted to presentations by entrepreneurs. Each founder will have 6 minutes for a presentation, three minutes for the pitch and the same amount of time for the experts’ questions and recommendations.

At the end of the event – “Be Aware Social Interactive”.

Based on the results of Judges online voting, one startup will be chosen as a winner of the Intercontinental Startup Battle.

Date and time of event: November 15, 2017, 06:30 pm – 09:30 pm.

Venue: 444 Castro Street, Mountain View (California) 94041,

The event is free for visitors, but there are only 100 seats available.

In order to visit the Intercontinental Startup Battle, Silicon Valley (November 15, 2017) you need to register as a Guest!

For those who cannot attend in person, a live stream of Intercontinental Startup Battle, Silicon Valley will be on the Landing page.

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Startup.Network has 6 regional platforms in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland and The US and has 13,000 startups in a database from all of these countries. The company receives over 100 applications a week, but only 10 will have the chance to present their product at the event.

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