In the beginning of this week in Sunnyvale, CA, a technology forum for teenagers was held. it was organized by Microsoft, Google and LinkedIn as well as by other giants of high technology. The main target of this event was to help this young generation to reveal their true potential and to realize their possibilities offered in today’s job market.

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TeenTechSF which organized and led the TeenTechSF Global Youth Summit at Microsoft in Silicon Valley is run by and for teens.

TeenTechSF is an interactive tech community for teens to innovate, collaborate, and create, according founder and and executive director Marc Robert Wong.

“What I love about tech is that all you need to succeed is to have a great idea and to work hard. Tech is the new American Dream. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, rich or poor, or what your race, culture, gender, religion is — a great idea is a great idea. As Victor Hugo said: ‘Rien n’est plus puissant qu’une idee dont l’heure est venue.’ Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. These are our ideas. This is our time.” – says Robert Wong.

Every year team organizes a global civic hackathon with regional civic hackathons in San Francisco, Seattle, China, and Tunisia, and an online civic hackathon which any student can enter around the world.

The organization’s work is a part of consecutive structure that allows teachers, students and families to develop interests and hobbies regardless of their gender and social origin and to realize their possibilities in science and technology. Interesting and age-oriented programs help young people ages 8 to 18 years old reveal their potential and increase their ambitions.

Tech activists keep up with the progress of our company and we know that our greatest achievement that children especially from socially disadvantaged backgrounds get familiar with careers in tech and applied science.

Financial consultant, Ekaterina Terentieva, from San Francisco, attends such events with her son, a teenager, in hopes to encourage his interest for modern technology. Fortunately, they live in the center of Silicon Valley.

An employee of one of the high tech companies, Elena Davidson, brought to the event her 16 year old daughter, Polina. Polina found many interesting things and met many like-minded peers. Elena and Polina dream about opening a Tech Club for teenagers of Sacramento valley, California.